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Company Highlight of the Week APF Holdings of NY, Inc. | Thermoplastic Extrusion Welding

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APF Logo

How does the short story relate to our company highlight of the week? APF distinguishes itself in the market through its innovative manufacturing process, which sets it apart from standard industry practices. By leveraging thermoplastic extrusion welding (TEW) in contract manufacturing, APF harnesses this advanced technique to challenge and elevate the norms within the industry. This forward-thinking strategy positions APF as a leader in its field, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Thermoplastic Extrusion Welding

Thermoplastic Extrusion Welding Explained (TEW)

Thermoplastic extrusion welding (TEW) is a specialized technique used in manufacturing for joining composite materials and semi-finished plastic products. This process involves feeding a welding rod through a heating element, which simultaneously heats both the rod and the plastic material. Upon reaching the optimal temperature, the molten rod is dispensed onto the material to create a bond. TEW is particularly effective for covering large areas and joining complex shapes in a single, continuous pass, offering a solution where traditional welding methods fall short.

1- Leak-Proof Design

The ability for TEW to cover a large area in a single pass not only ensures continuous application but also provides an added benefit of creating an air and watertight seal. This ability stands out in APF's production of cleanrooms, pass-throughs, tanks, and other medical-focused products. Having an airtight seal in environmentally controlled areas is crucial. Differing from traditional methods of joining, TEW efficiently bridges microscopic gaps between materials, effectively preventing foreign object debris (FOD) from affecting the quality and efficiency of production.

2- Durability

The combination of materials used by APF in their TEW process results in products that promote exceptional durability and resistance to ultraviolet damage. This is evident in their extensive range of products designed for outdoor settings, such as kitchens and furniture, as well as marine equipment. APF's reputation for quality and durability is well-deserved, as their products are engineered to withstand a lifetime.

3- Versatility

APF's diverse portfolio of materials and manufacturing techniques enables them to create a wide range of high-production, custom products. The manual application of TEW by their skilled team allows for the production of items that automated machines and other manufacturing methods cannot achieve. This versatility is evident in their ability to develop robust, complex shapes using various materials.

4- On-Site Repairs & Modifications

APF's unique manufacturing approach allows for efficient on-site repairs and modifications to existing equipment in the field. Their team of experts is equipped with specialized tools and extensive knowledge, enabling them to swiftly address issues, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.


In conclusion, APF's adoption of Thermoplastic Extrusion Welding (TEW) marks a significant innovation in industrial manufacturing. This unique process, characterized by its ability to create durable, leak-proof seals, stands out for its effectiveness in joining composite and semi-finished plastic materials. TEW's versatility is evident in its application across various products, from medical equipment to outdoor furniture, ensuring both air and watertight integrity essential for high-quality production. Furthermore, the durability and UV stability resulting from this process contribute to APF's strong reputation in the industry. The manual aspect of TEW allows for the creation of custom, complex shapes, and on-site repairs, showcasing APF's commitment to flexibility and efficiency. This innovative approach not only challenges conventional industry standards but also positions APF as a leader in employing advanced manufacturing techniques to meet diverse and complex demands.

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Company Profile

Company Name: APF Holdings of New York, Inc.

Instagram: @apfmarinegroup

Phone Number: (631) 244-3620


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